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What is Pay-per-click marketing?

Pay-per-click marketing is a powerful tool in your promotional arsenal. If your goal is to increase your online visibility, drive traffic, generate revenue, etc then PPC can help you accomplish all those tasks.

Before you can reap these benefits, you need to have a thorough understanding of how pay-per-click marketing works and how to make the most of your budget and attract your ideal audience. How to optimize ads optimally.

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What is a pay-per-click advertisement?

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is when a brand advertises online and every time a user clicks on it. There is no cost to advertising. Costs only when customers are engaged with advertising.

Pay-per-click marketing can be divided into two categories:
Search Ads: Ads that look like search results on search engine result pages (SERPs)
Display Ads: Ads that appear as graphics, videos, or paid posts commonly found on social media feeds and other third party websites
This post mostly talks about PPC campaigns of search ads.

The most popular PPC platform

Just because you know how a pay-per-click marketing campaign is set up, doesn’t mean you should go into Google Ads right away.
Like all good marketing strategies, you should start by looking at your goals and then choose the best strategy that will lead to your ideal results. In this case, you should review your marketing goals and decide whether payment SEM or organic SEO will help you reach your goals.


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Competition for your target keywords

Consider PPC if you still do not know well and want to test your idea, product, or service. If you already know, consider SEO, which has long-term value and demand


If your customers generally know what they want, search for it and buy right away. Consider SEO if your customers do research days, weeks, or months before making a purchase.



Consider PPC if the cost per click is low and within your budget. If the cost per click is high in your industry, consider SEO.

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